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Morningside, Sandton


Morningside at a glance

Morningside, located in the Sandton region of Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa, is a suburb that offers its residents and visitors an exceptional living experience. Situated just north of the M1 highway, this neighbourhood provides a wide range of lifestyle amenities. From thrilling entertainment centres, diverse dining options, and top-notch medical facilities to prestigious educational institutions, Morningside is highly sought-after in Johannesburg.

Originally established in the 1950s as a primarily residential area, Morningside was previously utilized for agricultural purposes. However, it has since transformed into a vibrant and cosmopolitan district, blending both commercial and residential properties. Morningside is renowned for its diverse property offerings, encompassing modern apartment buildings and traditional family homes.

Morningside boasts a wide selection of properties that can meet the requirements of both residential and commercial tenants. The area is predominantly an affluent residential suburb, offering spacious homes with expansive gardens and luxurious apartments within secure estates. In addition, there are numerous office parks in Morningside that provide opportunities for commercial leasing.

Furthermore, Morningside has a thriving retail sector, featuring various shopping centres and independent stores that offer convenient access to all the necessities for its residents and visitors. Notably, Morningside Shopping Centre and The Wedge, which houses a standalone Planet Fitness within the complex. Over time, this suburb has become a sought-after location for businesses to establish their offices, making it an appealing destination for individuals seeking to live and work in the same vicinity.

Morningside's advantageous location provides effortless access to major regions of Johannesburg, Rosebank, Sandton City, and beyond via the Grayston Interchange. Additionally, the Gautrain Bus Route offers convenient transportation options for residents and visitors to explore the wider Gauteng region and Johannesburg. This accessibility makes commuting and traveling around Johannesburg a breeze for those living or working in Morningside. For those who prefer a sustainable lifestyle, cycling is a great alternative mode of transport, with dedicated lanes available for commuting and outdoor activities.

Morningside is known for its wide range of lifestyle amenities. The suburb boasts excellent shopping options in The Wedge, an outdoor retail centre that provides grocery shopping, banking facilities, fashion boutiques, and other convenience stores. The Morningside Shopping Centre also offers a wide range of shopping options with over forty stores, including high-end fashion stores, cinemas, and restaurants.

The Codfather is one of the most famous restaurants in the city and is located within Morningside, offering visitors some of the best seafood delicacies that Jozi has to offer. There are other restaurants within Morningside, such as Fournos Bakery, which offers its customers an exclusive mix of baked goodies, pastries, and cakes. One of the best kid friendly restaurants in the area is Tulsa Spur, Polpetta and Jozi Gin.

Morningside boasts some of the finest educational institutions in the country, with Redhill School being a prime example. This co-ed school offers education from grade 0 to matric and is highly regarded in Johannesburg. Other notable schools in the area include the Redhill Nursery School and Varsity College. Redhill School is a top contender for the Independent Schools Association of South Africa (ISASA) and is widely respected.

It is home to several executive office parks, including Green Park Corner. These cutting-edge developments have earned their status as some of the most prestigious office parks in Johannesburg. Modern facilities and high-tech equipment are part of what makes them so attractive to local and international companies alike.

Morningside Country Club is a popular lifestyle centre situated in the heart of the suburb. It provides its members with access to fantastic fitness facilities, top-quality sporting amenities, and luxury entertainment options such as bowling greens, hockey field and tennis courts. Another exciting recreational facility within Morningside is the Ernest Ullman Recreational Centre, which boasts an Olympic-sized swimming pool and a range of sporting facilities, a kid’s party venue as well as a Dance School.

The area boasts a plethora of local and international businesses, with notable names such as Blue Label Telecoms, MSC Sandton, and Clientele Life. By establishing a presence in Morningside, companies can benefit from exceptional connectivity to other areas of Johannesburg, as well as secure office accommodations and access to top-notch amenities that are crucial for achieving business success.

Morningside offers a range of high-quality hotels that are perfect for visitors and traveling employees of companies operating within Morningside. Some of the top hotels in the suburb include the Premier Hotel Quatermain, Prestige Apartments Sandton-Westpoint, Sunset Towers, Sandton Skye, Zuri Residence's, 77 Grayston Apartment, and Hydro Park. City Lodge Hotel Morningside also provides a comfortable stay with modern amenities tailored to the business and leisure traveller. Within the same complex, there is a restaurant called Jasmine Fusion.

Within the Morningside area, there are a number of churches and hospitals, including the notable Rivers Sandton church and the BHH Sandton Synagogue Centre, which caters to the Jewish community. Additionally, the New Apostolic Church is located just off Rivonia Road, behind the newly refurbished VOGUE Dealership.

Morningside is home to a range of medical facilities, including the popular Morningside Medi Clinic and the newly built 200 Rivonia Medical Centre, which operates as a Day Clinic. These facilities offer top-notch medical services and boast some of the most advanced medical equipment in the region.

As with many areas in Johannesburg, Morningside is home to a number of car dealerships, such as BMW Sandton and Land Rover Sandton. These dealerships provide significant employment opportunities within the area and have helped to establish the suburb as a hub for economic activity.

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Morningside is a desirable suburb in Johannesburg, offering an unmatched living and working experience for its residents and visitors. The suburb is well-served by an extensive transport network, quality amenities, and excellent educational institutions. Whether you are looking for a residential property or a commercial office space, Morningside provides a wide range of choice and is perfect for those who want to live and work in the same area. With 5th Avenue Properties’ expertise in commercial leasing, you can rest assured of finding the ideal space that meets all your business needs.

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304m² Office To Let in Morningside

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