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Rosebank, Johannesburg


Rosebank at a glance

Rosebank, a vibrant and cosmopolitan suburb located in the heart of Gauteng, South Africa, is a place where business, culture, and lifestyle seamlessly merge. Nestled between the bustling city of Johannesburg and the affluent enclave of Sandton, Rosebank has evolved into a dynamic urban hub that caters to a diverse community of residents, visitors, and professionals. This area profile will take you on a journey through Rosebank's rich history, its real estate landscape, transportation infrastructure, amenities, schools, lifestyle venues, and its appeal to both national and international occupiers.

To truly appreciate Rosebank's modern-day charm, one must delve into its history. Originally established in the late 19th century, Rosebank was named after the wild roses that once thrived in the area. It was initially a residential suburb, featuring elegant homes and lush gardens. Over time, it transformed into a bustling commercial centre due to its strategic location.

One significant milestone in Rosebank's history was the introduction of the Gautrain rapid rail system, connecting it to both Johannesburg and Pretoria. This development solidified Rosebank's reputation as a major business and transport hub in Gauteng. Today, the suburb maintains its historic charm while embracing a dynamic, cosmopolitan spirit that attracts people from all walks of life.

Rosebank boasts a thriving office market, with a range of modern, high-rise buildings that house a mix of local and international businesses. Renowned companies such as Anglo American, WeWork, Standard Bank, Coca-Cola, Total Energies, and Tyme Bank have chosen the Rosebank node as their base of operations. The area's accessibility, coupled with its vibrant atmosphere, makes it an ideal location for businesses of all sizes. Rosebank also offers a diverse range of residential options, from luxury apartments to spacious family homes. Its proximity to the central business districts of Johannesburg and Sandton makes it a highly sought-after residential area. The demand for real estate in Rosebank continues to grow, with property values steadily increasing over the years.

Rosebank's strategic location makes it a transportation hub of Gauteng. It is conveniently situated near the Glenhove Road M1 interchange, providing easy access to major highways. The suburb is approximately 5 kilometres from the Sandton Central Business District and about 10 kilometres from the Johannesburg Central Business District. Moreover, it offers easy connectivity to OR Tambo International Airport, which is around 25 kilometres away. The Gautrain station in Rosebank provides a rapid and convenient connection to both Johannesburg and Pretoria as well as to OR Tambo International Airport, making it a preferred mode of transportation for commuters. In addition to the Gautrain, Rosebank is well-served by buses and minibus taxis, ensuring that residents and workers have a variety of options for getting around the city.

Rosebank is not only a thriving business district but also a cultural and entertainment hub. The suburb is home to several art galleries, including the Everard Read Gallery and the Circa Gallery, showcasing the rich artistic talent of South Africa. The Sunday Rooftop Market and the Rosebank Art and Craft Market offer a unique shopping experience, featuring handmade African artifacts, crafts, jewelry, décor, and local art. The Keyes Art Mile is a cultural precinct that houses various galleries, studios, and design boutiques. For shopping enthusiasts, The Zone Shopping Centre and The Mall of Rosebank offer a wide range of retail options, from fashion to electronics.

Healthcare needs are well met with the Netcare Rosebank Hospital, ensuring quality medical services for residents and workers alike. Rosebank also offers a diverse culinary scene, with top restaurants such as Marble, Momo Soko, and Proud Mary providing exquisite dining experiences.

When it comes to accommodation, Rosebank offers a selection of hotels and guesthouses catering to both business travelers and tourists. Options include Voco, 54 on Bath, Southern Sun Rosebank and The Monarch Hotel which is housed in an historic building.

Families residing in Rosebank have the privilege of accessing exceptional educational establishments, guaranteeing that their children receive an outstanding education. Among the notable schools in the vicinity are as follows:

  1. Kingsmead College: A renowned girls' school recognized for its academic excellence and emphasis on leadership and character development.
  2. Rosebank Primary School: A long-standing public primary school that has been serving the community for numerous years.
  3. St. Theresa’s: A comprehensive educational institution encompassing pre-primary, primary, and high school levels, with a rich history of delivering high-quality education.
  4. Pridwin Preparatory School: A traditional independent boys' school renowned for its exceptional academic standards, values, and focus on sports disciplines.
  5. St. Vincent's School for the Deaf: A school with a proud legacy of educating hearing-impaired children.
  6. Rosebank College: An esteemed higher education institution offering a diverse range of accredited programs.
  7. Little Ashford Pre-Primary: A nurturing pre-primary school dedicated to early childhood development.

These schools collectively establish a solid educational foundation for the upbringing of children in Rosebank.

Rosebank is renowned for its vibrant social scene, offering a wide range of lifestyle venues to cater to diverse tastes. Among the notable establishments are Proud Mary, a trendy restaurant and bar known for its lively atmosphere and creative cocktails. Another prominent venue is The Bank, a stylish mixed-use building that provides hotel, restaurant, and office facilities. For those seeking relaxation and wellness, Life Day Spa Rosebank and Aronia Day Spa are excellent options, offering luxurious treatments to help residents unwind and pamper themselves. Additionally, fitness enthusiasts can choose from a variety of gyms and fitness centres, including Virgin Active and Planet Fitness. These venues contribute to Rosebank's reputation as a dynamic and exciting place to live and work. In terms of business, Rosebank has become a magnet for both local and international companies. Prominent occupiers who have chosen Rosebank as their base of operations include Anglo American, one of the world's largest mining companies, and WeWork, a global provider of flexible office space solutions. Standard Bank, one of South Africa's largest financial institutions, also has a strong presence in the Rosebank area. Other notable organizations include Coca-Cola, Total Energies, and Tyme Bank, each capitalizing on Rosebank's central location, excellent infrastructure, and access to a skilled workforce.

Leasing commercial office space in Rosebank is a wise decision for businesses of all sizes. By choosing to collaborate with 5th Avenue Properties, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the market, which can assist you in finding the ideal office space to meet your requirements.

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Partnering with 5th Avenue Properties will provide you with the necessary support and expertise to find the perfect office space to let in Rosebank.

In conclusion, Rosebank, Gauteng, South Africa, is a thriving urban centre with a pedestrian and security focus, that seamlessly blends business, culture, and lifestyle. Its rich history, diverse real estate market, excellent transport infrastructure, amenities, top-tier schools, vibrant lifestyle venues, and appeal to national and international occupiers make it a premier destination for residents and businesses alike. When seeking commercial office space in Rosebank, partnering with 5th Avenue Properties is a wise choice, as their expertise and market knowledge will help you find the perfect location to thrive in this dynamic suburb. Whether you're a business owner, a resident, or a visitor, Rosebank offers an enriching experience that reflects the vibrant spirit of South Africa.

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592m² Office To Let in Rosebank

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