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Craighall Park, Johannesburg


Craighall Park at a glance

Nestled in the heart of Gauteng, South Africa, Craighall Park is a charming and affluent suburb with a unique blend of natural beauty and urban convenience. This area is known for its lush greenery, upmarket residential properties, and a sense of community that residents cherish. In this comprehensive profile, we will explore the history, real estate market, transportation infrastructure, amenities, schools, lifestyle venues, and major occupiers of Craighall Park. Whether you're considering moving here, investing, or just curious about this unique neighbourhood, this profile provides a detailed overview.

The history of Craighall Park is intertwined with the broader development of Johannesburg and its suburbs. It was established in the early 20th century and was initially a farming area known for its large properties and scenic landscapes. Over the years, the urban sprawl from Johannesburg reached Craighall Park, leading to the development of the suburb we know today. The suburb is named after the nearby Craighall, and the "Park" suffix is an homage to the many green spaces and parks that define the area. Delta Park, covering 108 hectares is one of the major green lungs of the city.

Craighall Park offers a blend of residential and commercial properties, making it a vibrant and attractive destination for both families and businesses. The residential real estate market in Craighall Park is characterized by large, well-established homes set amidst leafy streets as well as convenient residential apartments above niche retail stores as seen at 94 Conrad Drive. The suburb boasts a mix of architectural styles, including modern, Mediterranean, and traditional, giving prospective homeowners a diverse range of options.

The commercial real estate market in Craighall Park has experienced growth over the years, attracting a range of businesses from different sectors. The presence of major companies as well as smaller enterprises, contributes to the suburb's economic vibrancy, with many offices, studios, and creative spaces tucked away among the tree-lined avenues.

Craighall Park is strategically located, offering easy access to key transportation hubs and arterial roads. The suburb is situated just off Jan Smuts Avenue, which connects to Winie Mandela Drive, a major route that connects it to Johannesburg's central business district, Sandton CBD, and the surrounding areas. Conrad Drive provides a corridor to the West Rand. This accessibility makes easy commuting for both residents and professionals working in these business districts.

Buses and minibus taxis are integral to the transportation network of Craighall Park. App based rides such as Uber are readily available, and these transport modes provide additional options for daily commuting and ensure that residents have a wide array of choices for getting around the area. The convenience of public transportation significantly enhances the quality of life for Craighall Park residents.

Craighall Park is within a stone’s throw of Hyde Park, approximately 4km from Rosebank and about 6 Kms from Sandton CBD City and so offers an impressive array of amenities, making it a self-sustaining community. Some of the prominent shopping centres in the immediate area include the newly renovated and upgraded The Colony Shopping Centre now renamed The Woods Shopping Centre as well as the Valley Shopping Centre. These centres cater to a variety of shopping needs, from groceries and fashion to dining and entertainment.

Delta Central, another recent upgrade, is a key hub in Craighall Park, hosting numerous businesses, restaurants, niche retailers and cafes. Cyclists and joggers alike converge at the various restaurants and coffee shops. The culinary scene in Craighall Park is thriving, with restaurants like Fresh Earth, a double-story vegetarian restaurant and store, The Corner Café, Soul Souvlaki, Pronto, Liberte, and Motherland Coffee all offering a diverse range of dining experiences.

For those seeking comfortable accommodations, Craighall Park is home to establishments such as the Gardenia Boutique Hotel and Liz at Lancaster Guest House, providing guests with a welcoming convenient and luxurious stay.

Craighall Park is also renowned for its top-quality educational institutions. Craighall Park Primary School and Hyde Park High School are among the government primary and secondary schools that ensure that residents have access to excellent education facilities for their children. Additionally, Delta Park Remedial School is acclaimed for its nurturing environment for those with special learning needs.

STADIO School of Fashion, The Animation School and Vega School are tertiary educational institutions offering various specialised courses, diplomas and degrees that contribute to the area's educational diversity and that cater to the creative film, advertising, marketing, and fashion industries.

The suburb is blessed with several parks and recreational areas that allow residents to enjoy the great outdoors. Old Parks Club, one of the oldest established sports clubs in Johannesburg, offers a wide variety of sports from soccer to tennis to bowls to Padel and many other interesting sporting disciplines. Delta Park, with its scenic walking and cycling trails, is a local favourite. Every Saturday, residents participate in the Delta Park Run, a free, timed 5km run that encourages an active and communal lifestyle. Dog walkers, horse riders and picnickers also enjoy the park.

Apart from Old Parks Club, fitness enthusiasts have several choices of facilities including Burnside Gym and the CrossFit Gym which both offer state-of-the-art facilities for staying in shape. The Braamfontein Spruit, a tributary of the Jukskei River, has a cascading waterfall near Delta Central. It is another natural gem, offering a tranquil node ideal for a spot of fishing and birdwatching. Anglers have been known to catch carp and other species which are all caught and then released back into the river.

Craighall Park is home to a diverse range of businesses, both local and international. Major occupiers in the area include Digicall Solutions, Spartan Computers, BMI Research, and The Caxton Group. These companies have chosen Craighall Park as their base of operations, further emphasizing the suburb's economic importance.

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In conclusion, Craighall Park is a delightful suburb that balances the tranquility of a green, family-friendly environment with the accessibility of the urban lifestyle. Its history, real estate market, transportation infrastructure, amenities, schools, lifestyle venues, and major occupiers make it a highly sought-after destination for both residents and businesses. Whether you are looking for a place to call home or the perfect location to establish your business, Craighall Park has a lot to offer in the heart of Gauteng, South Africa.

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