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Pomona, Kempton Park


Pomona at a glance

The thriving Industrial Area of Pomona, located in the East Rand of South Africa's Gauteng province, serves as a vital center for a wide range of industrial and commercial activities. Its strategic positioning, easy access to major transportation routes, and the presence of numerous industrial giants and property developers make Pomona a key player in the country's industrial landscape.

Situated in close proximity to other prominent industrial nodes, Pomona plays an integral role in the broader industrial ecosystem of the region. The surrounding areas, including Isando, Spartan, Meadowdale, and Jet Park, contribute significantly to the overall economic strength of the East Rand. These areas are characterized by their concentration of industrial and commercial enterprises, such as manufacturing, logistics, and warehousing facilities.

The infrastructure in Pomona is well-developed, catering to the specific needs of industrial and logistics operations. Modern industrial facilities, well-maintained roads, and reliable utilities are all part of the area's infrastructure, ensuring smooth business operations for companies operating in Pomona.

Pomona is a city that boasts a number of prominent industrial companies that play a vital role in both the local and national economy. Among the notable industrial players in the region are:

  1. Takealot: Takealot, a leading e-commerce company in South Africa, has established a large-scale distribution centre in Pomona. This strategic location enables them to efficiently deliver their products to customers across the country.
  2. DSV Logistics: DSV Logistics is a globally recognized transport and logistics company that has a significant presence in Pomona. Their comprehensive range of services includes air and sea freight, road transport, and contract logistics.
  3. Rexroth: Bosch Rexroth, a subsidiary of the renowned Bosch Group, is renowned for its cutting-edge solutions in drive and control technologies. They have chosen to establish their presence in the Pomona industrial area.
  4. Tile Africa: Tile Africa, a well-established retailer specializing in tiles and related products, operates from Pomona to cater to the needs of the construction and home improvement sectors.
  5. These industrial giants contribute significantly to the economic growth and development of both Pomona and the nation as a whole.

The rental rates for warehousing in Pomona can vary depending on factors such as location, size, and the facilities provided. On average, rental rates for industrial and warehouse space in Pomona can range from approximately R50 to R80 per square meter per month, but these rates are subject to change over time and market conditions.

Various property developers are responsible for the development and management of industrial properties in Pomona. Among the major players in the area are JT Ross, a well-established company with a track record of creating industrial and commercial properties in Pomona and other parts of Gauteng; Fortress REIT, a leading real estate investment trust in South Africa with a diverse portfolio of properties in the Pomona industrial area; and Equites Property Fund, another key player in the industrial and logistics property sector with properties in Pomona that cater to the demands of modern warehousing and logistics.

Pomona boasts of several logistics parks that play a crucial role in the smooth transportation of goods and merchandise. Among the most noteworthy logistics parks in the vicinity are:

  1. Plumbago Business Park: Strategically situated in Pomona, Plumbago Business Park offers top-notch facilities for warehousing and distribution.
  2. Equites Park: A leading logistics park, Equites Park caters to the needs of contemporary supply chain operations. It provides advanced infrastructure and amenities for logistics firms.
  3. Eastport Logistics: Another major logistics park, Eastport Logistics acts as a vital link in the supply chain, ensuring efficient storage and distribution of goods.
  4. Riverfields: Adjacent to Pomona, the Riverfields development is a significant logistics and industrial area that contributes to the overall economic activity in the region.

Pomona is strategically situated with easy access to major arterial transport routes. The R21 highway runs through the area, connecting it to the O.R. Tambo International Airport and the city of Pretoria. Additionally, the R24 highway provides a convenient route to Johannesburg and Sandton, two of the country's economic powerhouses. This excellent connectivity to major cities and transport hubs makes Pomona an attractive choice for businesses seeking efficient logistics and distribution solutions.

In addition to its proximity to the O.R. Tambo International Airport, Pomona is conveniently located near the smaller Grand Central Airport, which serves general aviation and private aircraft. This advantageous dual airport proximity greatly enhances Pomona's accessibility to both domestic and international destinations.

The transportation hub status of Pomona makes it a bustling area, especially during peak hours. The R21 and R24 highways, which connect Pomona to Johannesburg, Pretoria, and the airport, can experience congestion, particularly during rush hours. However, the traffic situation in Pomona is well-handled and is a reflection of the region's thriving economy.

While Pomona primarily functions as a hub for industrial and commercial activities, there are several local attractions and leisure options available for both residents and visitors in the area. These include:

  1. Noag's Market: Noag's Market is a well-known local market where people can indulge in shopping for fresh produce, crafts, and artisanal products.
  2. Serengeti Golf Estate: Situated in close proximity to Pomona, this exclusive golf estate offers top-notch golfing facilities and luxurious living.

In addition to these attractions, Pomona also presents various development opportunities for investors and businesses seeking to expand their operations. These opportunities include the construction of new logistics facilities, the expansion of industrial parks, and the development of mixed-use properties to cater to the evolving needs of businesses.

Pomona also boasts a few notable public places, hotels, and destinations in its vicinity. Some of these options include:

  1. Pomona Square Shopping Centre: This shopping centre provides a range of retail and dining options for both residents and visitors in the area.
  2. Accommodation: There are several hotels and lodges located near Pomona, catering to the needs of business travellers and tourists. Notable options include the Premier Hotel O.R. Tambo, as well as various guesthouses and lodges.
  3. Gautrain Station: Pomona benefits from its convenient proximity to the Gautrain station, which offers easy access to the rapid rail network connecting to Pretoria, Sandton, and other major areas in Gauteng.

Overall, while Pomona may primarily be known for its industrial and commercial activities, it also offers a variety of attractions, leisure options, and development opportunities, making it an appealing destination for both residents and businesses alike.

Pomona's popularity as an industrial area can be attributed to several key factors:

  • Strategic Location: Its proximity to major transport routes, airports, and key industrial and commercial nodes in Gauteng makes Pomona a strategic choice for businesses.
  • Infrastructure: The area offers well-developed industrial infrastructure, including modern facilities, road networks, and utilities, ensuring smooth operations for industrial and logistics companies.
  • Economic Activity: Pomona is a hub of economic activity with a diverse range of industries, including logistics, manufacturing, and warehousing. This diversity attracts businesses seeking synergy and collaboration.
  • Development Opportunities: The presence of major property developers and ongoing development projects creates opportunities for companies looking to expand their operations.
  • Connectivity: The excellent connectivity to Pretoria, Sandton, and Johannesburg, along with proximity to international airports, simplifies logistics and distribution for businesses.

In order to ensure a seamless and prosperous process, it is strongly advised to seek the assistance of 5th Avenue Properties, a distinguished real estate company that specializes in industrial properties. With our extensive knowledge of the Pomona market, as well as our extensive network and experience, we are well-equipped to assist businesses in finding the perfect industrial space that caters to your unique requirements. Whether you are a startup or a well-established corporation in search of the prefect industrial space, 5th Avenue Properties can expertly navigate you through the process, offering invaluable insights and support at every stage.

In conclusion, regardless of whether one is seeking to lease or purchase property in Pomona, it is a dynamic and thriving industrial area with strategic importance in the region. With its proximity to major transport routes, the presence of leading industrial companies, and the support of reputable property developers, Pomona continues to play a pivotal role in the country's industrial landscape. Its accessibility to Pretoria and Sandton, along with well-developed infrastructure and connectivity to international airports, makes it a prime choice for businesses seeking efficient logistics and distribution solutions. As Pomona continues to grow and evolve, it offers ample development opportunities, reflecting its commitment to supporting the evolving needs of the industrial and commercial sectors.

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